After the success of the multiple private sales organized by designer Jaky SAINSILY across the Caribbean*, WIP, originally an ephemeral pop-up store, has become the brand new premium concept store dedicated to our prestigious Caribbean clientele and naturally to all those who dream of travelling.

Indeed, after having worked for various designers of accessories and clothing, the young designer created the luxury brand WI-PARIS . She then graduated as an interior designer, and finally decided to create her own online concept store. The very first premium/luxury multi-brand e-shop that will bring together local and international designers.

WIP, as a reminder of WI-PARIS , is this time the contraction of WEST INDIES PEOPLE, because luxury also exists in the Caribbean. But not just any luxury, and especially not the classic luxury of leather shopping bags printed with monograms or houndstooth suits. An exotic, colorful, original luxury, an ambient elegance, delicate and wavy at the same time.

A luxury that resembles our eternal summer season!

WIP concept store is an unprecedented selection of talented designers just for you. It is also the choice to be able to offer you a complete look from head to toe.

WIP is above all a state of mind, an exotic and chic “whole mood” for all genders.

In addition to a total makeover, WIP takes care of you and your interior. Indeed, to our Fashion selection will be added brands of natural, committed cosmetics, as well as creators of exceptional decorative objects.

WIP is an atmosphere, a smell of freshness and freedom, that of existing through multiple arts!

Our goal: to promote our local craftsmanship, to make it known beyond the borders of our islands, but also to introduce our islanders to various international skills, in order to broaden our vision of art and create new opportunities for openness to inspire diversity.

* in particular at the “Topaze” boutique in Jarry and at “Niz Kréyol” the ecolodge lodgings of Sainte-Anne in Guadeloupe, but also at the “Cloud” roof-top in Martinique, at the “Stages on the avenue” restaurant in Trinidad, in the Winwood district in Miami and finally, at “Fleur de lune” an ecolodge estate in Saint-Barth