Andreuyaa x WIP Une collaboration chatoyante

Andreuyaa x Wi-Paris A shimmering collaboration

Andreuyaa x Wi-Paris A shimmering collaboration

The influencer Andreuyaa and the brand Wi-Paris are teaming up to present a collection of tropical -inspired jewelry.

We anticipate the arrival of summer with this photo shoot in sometimes pastel, sometimes flashy colors for models of brass earrings gilded with fine gold, made in France. Something to warm the hearts of fashion lovers!

On this occasion Andreuyaa posted on Instagram the photos of these original costume jewels that invite us to party and travel.

Andreuyaa, influencer and singer, has decided to collaborate with Wi-Paris for the presentation of a collection that we have been keen to develop for a long time.
For this launch of the line, the shoot focused on ear jewelry.
Adapted to different types of make-up and hairstyle, these fancy earrings are the first of a line that has since diversified, integrating the range of bracelets or even necklaces.

Jewelry in several colors and in limited quantities (10 pieces per model) available only in ephemeral sales.
For this series of colorful shots, we find make-up artist @Carnivalmakeupaddicts on a "Tropical Carnival" inspiration. @MisterMarabout was responsible for the lighting and photography.

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